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It’s one of the most important tools we have at our disposal to take care of our health. It’s cheap, readily available, and comes in a seemingly endless number of varieties. But is there really a difference between a $100 brush, and one that costs as much as a pack of gum?

There is, and our dental team in Juneau, Alaska wants to help you understand the differences so you can make the best choice possible for your oral health.

Soft bristles
The biggest mistake people make while looking at a new toothbrush is that they think harder bristles are better at cleaning teeth. It’s easy to see why some people think that way, since you’re looking to literally scrub your teeth when using a brush.

The thing is, a brush with stiff bristles will actually harm your gums. The harder bristles open up your gums to potential infection. Irritated gums also don’t do what they should to protect the roots of your teeth.

Tongue cleaner
Another part of the toothbrush that gets overlooked is the addition of a tongue scraper, or tongue cleaner, on the back of the brush’s head. This is important to have because it lets you get rid of as much bacteria and debris in your mouth as possible during the brushing process.

Brushing your teeth is obviously an important part of your oral health, but so is the brush you choose to use for that activity. Without a good brush, you won’t clean your teeth as effectively as you otherwise could.

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