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Oral cancer includes cancers of the mouth and throat. Oral cancer is much easier to treat in the early stages, so it is important that it be detected and treated as soon as possible. This is why Dr. Lonnie Anderson offers oral cancer screenings in Juneau, Alaska, during regular dental appointments. Oral cancer screenings are non-invasive and non-stressful for the patient.

Visual Exam
We will have you take out any removable dental appliances in preparation for your oral cancer screening. During the visual portion of your oral cancer screening, our dentist will examine your face, neck, lips, inside of your nose and the inside of your mouth. What he looks for is asymmetries, bumps, patches of color, swellings, ulcerations or other abnormalities. A light and mirror may be used to examine all areas of your oral cavity. You may be asked to say, “Ahh,” to expose your throat so it can be examined.

Physical Exam
During the physical exam, our dentist feels for unusual nodules or masses in the head and cheeks, around the jaw, in the oral cavity, and under your chin. Our dentist may also look for immobility in tissue that is normally mobile. You may be asked if physical contact in one of these areas causes any discomfort.

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