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Teeth with a flaw in them, whether it’s chipped, discolored, stained, or misshapen, can be a deterrence to your daily lifestyle and confidence. One of the best services to fix that front tooth is a dental veneer, giving you a restored and brighter smile! Dr. Lonnie Anderson and our staff here in Juneau, , want to help you get your best and most confident smile.

The natural tooth’s flaw can be covered by a veneer, a thin piece of porcelain placed on top of your front tooth. They provide resistance against decay and stains as well as a strengthening agent for the front teeth. Your dentist will use a color swatch to determine the best color for your teeth as well as the best shape that goes best with your natural smile.

First, go into your dentist’s office for a consultation to determine what you need exactly and what specifications you would like with the placement of a veneer. To prepare for a veneer, your dentist will scrape off a small amount of the natural tooth, cleaning and drying it. If your veneer needs to be made in a laboratory, then a temporary veneer may be placed.

After your veneer is made, an adhesive will be placed before the dental veneer is placed. To finalize the process, a special ultraviolet light will cure the new veneer for about a minute. Any excess material removed and your new tooth is given a final polish. Schedule a check-up with Lonnie A. Anderson, DDS to ensure its comfortability and fit.

Contact our dental office in Juneau, , today to get a new veneer today. Call us at 907-789-2066 for a consultation or appointment to get your best and brightest smile!