If a Tooth Cannot Be Repaired by a Filling, It Might Need to Be Restored With a Dental Crown

A cavity is typically the result of poor oral hygiene habits that allow the natural bacteria in your mouth to exploit a small amount of tooth enamel. This typically starts out as a small area of tooth decay that Dr. Lonnie Anderson can usually repair with a simple dental filling. When a cavity is allowed… Read more »

Sleep Apnea and Its Many Causes

Sleep apnea has many causes. Sleep apnea is the result of irregular breathing patterns that take place while you sleep. Although sleep apnea is a fairly common sleeping disorder, it can still be very serious and potentially deadly. Sleep apnea is often linked to high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. Sleep apnea is most… Read more »

A Significant Amount of Dental Attrition May Need Restoration with a Crown

If you are reluctant to have a minor alignment issue addressed, it can have an effect on the health of your teeth. When two teeth meet up at an unideal angle, it can cause one to slowly grind unnaturally on the tooth enamel of the other. If the problem is not corrected and treated early,… Read more »

Severe Dental Trauma That Requires Extraction Might Need a Bridge

Dental trauma from a hard blow the face can severely compromise one of your teeth. This is even more likely to befall you if you play in vigorous athletics without the protection of a quality mouthguard. Sometimes a severe dental trauma can be treated with endodontic measures such as a root canal. In a severe… Read more »

Exercise and Your Oral Health: The Benefits

Have you heard that t you should exercise if you’d like to stay in shape? You may have also heard that it’s important for you to exercise if you’d like to keep your heart and your brain healthy. However, would you be surprised to hear that exercising will also help improve the health of your… Read more »

A Fluoride Treatment Can Strengthen the Outer Shell of Your Teeth

Your tooth enamel enrobes the sensitive soft tissues within your teeth. Its mineral density gives your teeth the durability to handle biting and chewing food. If the integrity of your tooth enamel is compromised, it could significantly increase your chances of suffering tooth decay problems. This could be the result of poor oral hygiene practices… Read more »

A Cavity in Your Smile Can Often Be Repaired with a Composite Filling

Here at Lonnie A. Anderson, DDS, Dr. Lonnie Anderson understands that the appearance of your smile has a significant impact on the quality of your social life. When an unsightly cavity or chip appears on a tooth, he always advocates seeking treatment as soon as possible. With early diagnosis, Dr. Lonnie Anderson can often repair… Read more »

Learn About Gum Disease and Why You Should Avoid It

Did you know that gum disease can make you feel embarrassed to talk or smile at others? That is why learning about gum disease and how to avoid it is essential to positive oral health. We all dream of having a beautiful smile, which is why our team here at Lonnie A. Anderson, DDS in… Read more »

Basic Information for Assessing and Offering Aid for a Tongue Injury

Minor tongue injuries while eating often prove to be more of an inconvenience than an oral trauma. Yet there are other times when a tongue injury might be more severe, calling for first aid or even professional treatment. To help assess and render quality care for an oral injury like this, Dr. Lonnie Anderson offers… Read more »

Your Teeth Love Tenderness, so Choose a Great Toothbrush

Your teeth love tenderness, so choose a great toothbrush. If you end up choosing a brush with bristles that are too hard or a brush head that is improperly angled, you could damage your mouth or fail to achieve a total clean for each use. Always make sure each toothbrush you use has the potential… Read more »