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To help improve the look of your smile, various cosmetic treatments are available. You may try using dental veneers or crowns. However, if you want a quick way to improve your grin, you can correct stains and discoloration of your teeth with whitening treatments. In order to ensure adequate teeth whitening treatments are used, understand the differences between the common types.

If you are interesting in upgrading your smile with a whitening treatment, visit our dental office for a professional in-office whitening. With a single in-office treatment, you may be able to improve the color of your teeth by up to ten full shades. Furthermore, our dentist can provide you with an at-home treatment kit for you to use on your own.

For additional treatments, it may be possible to brighten your smile with products such as brands of mouthwash, toothpaste, and even chewing gum that have whiteners in their ingredients. But before adding anything to your dental routine, you should always speak with your dentist about the products that he recommends and are safe for use. This is especially true when it comes to over-the-counter whitening kits.

Do you want to learn more about teeth whitening treatments and how they can benefit your smile? If so, please call 907-789-2066 to schedule an appointment at our dental office in Juneau, Alaska. Dr. Lonnie Anderson and our expert team look forward to crafting you the smile of your dreams!