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If you want a top-notch flossing routine, then our dentist, Dr. Lonnie Anderson, has some good news for you! There are things you can do to have the proper and effective flossing technique you need. The better technique you have, the healthier smile you can have. So, he is happy to help you have the top-notch flossing routine you’re looking for by telling you all about the best flossing hacks, which are:

-Use a gentle sawing motion: Using this technique can help you avoiding forcing the floss between the teeth. When you force the floss, it can jam into the gums and harm them. So, try to use this technique often.

-Use flossing tools that are easy to maneuver: When the flossing tool is easy to use, you reduce your chances of being rough with the gums. This helps keep your gums in tip-top shape. So, use tools like flossing sticks, floss threaders and water flossers to clean the crevices of the smile.

-Floss at least once a day: This is very important because if you don’t floss daily, the plaque can build up on the teeth and gumline and promote dental issues, like tooth decay and gum disease. So, if you tend to forget to floss, set reminders for yourself often.

Do you have any questions? Would you like to know more about flossing in Juneau, Alaska? If so, please contact Lonnie A. Anderson, DDS today at 907-789-2066. When you reach out to our dental team, we will be more than happy to tell you all about how to properly floss!