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The holidays are just around the corner. Is your smile ready for them? The parties, the photos, the in-laws you haven’t seen in a year?  Well, we are here to help!

The first way to improve your smile is to brush up on your brushing techniques. You should be brushing twice a day, for 2 full minutes each time. If you have a hard time making it the full two minutes, try setting a timer. This is a great time to plan or reflect on the day, listen to your favorite music, or spend time with a loved one, as toothbrushing becomes a family habit.

When you brush, make sure your toothbrush is at a 45* angle, and use gentle pressure. Rough scrubbing will damage your gums and tooth enamel. Use short, tooth-wide strokes, and brush the inside, outside, and chewing surfaces of your teeth. To brush the inside of your front teeth, tip the toothbrush into your mouth perpendicular to your gums and use multiple up-and-down strokes.

Another thing to consider as we move into the holiday season is whether or not you’ve had a professional cleaning recently. Professional cleanings are a great way to keep your smile healthy and bright.

If you brush twice a day for two minutes, and have had your professional cleaning recently, it may be time to consider tooth whitening procedures. These can be accomplished at the dental office, with at-home bleach trays or strips, or with whitening toothpaste–depending on the level of whitening required.

Whatever your holiday smile needs are, we at Lonnie A. Anderson, DDS are here to help! Call us at 907-789-2066 for an appointment in Juneau, Alaska. Dr. Lonnie Anderson and our team look forward to seeing you!