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Time and age can cause the structure of your jaw to undergo structural changes that cause minor deviations in alignment–this is especially likely if you have experienced the loss of one or more teeth without receiving a dental restoration. Changes in dental alignment can cause the teeth to rub together and wear away the tooth enamel gradually. Changes in jaw structure and bite should receive timely treatment so that the areas of friction don’t develop into tooth decay.

Early detection may mean that our dentist can treat the loss of tooth enamel with a basic dental filling, providing conservative treatment to restore the full health of the tooth.

We complete a thorough examination of your smile, and then Dr. Lonnie Anderson removes any compromised or decayed tooth enamel so that the dental filling has a clean, healthy anchor. Our dentist then selects the material for the dental fillings and bases the choice on where the treated area is in your smile and how visible it will be.

The filling then undergoes a curing and bonding process so that it can firmly attach to the healthy tooth enamel, and our dentist will examine the results for any needed adjustments so that it doesn’t affect your bite.

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